Students write essays on why they should get a free computer. TCI refurbished and donated 20 Dell computers.

Twenty Taft City School District students got free computers last week.

But it wasn't charity.

They had to earn them.

MTC, the company that operates the Taft Correctional Institution, donated 20 used but completely refurbished HP computers, to the TCSD.

The District held a contest to see who would get the PCs – an essay contest with the theme "Why I Should Get a Computer."
They kids did all right.

"They all wrote persuasive essays on why they should be chosen," said Lincoln Principal Brandi Swearengin.

He was on hand with other district officials and TCI Associate Warden Norris Hogans when the kids and their parents picked the computers up last week.

The computers included keyboards, towers, monitors, mouses and software.

Students who earned the new computers included Shane McConville, Tisel Martinez, Natalie Bavinez, Mason Davis, Susanna Gibson, Cherisne McLeran, Cora Wood, Yadira Astorga Leon, Elizabeth Huizar, Karen Aranda, Garcia, Sarah Dawn Green, Elizabeth Santillan Morales, Chloe Schwerdetfager, Felicity Reich, Emily Yoakum, Alyssa Reeves, Orion Gilmore, Omar Uribe and DylanJohnston.