Boom truck, remote-control helicopter to shoot exteriors. It's not known if DiCaprio will be here

Los Angeles County may not be too anxious to use Taft's Empty Correctional Facility but Hollywood apparently is.
The empty CCF is going to be used to shoot a couple of exterior scenes for an upcoming movie next week, and there could be more productions coming.
Chief of Police Ed Whiting told the Taft City Council Tuesday night that  a producer for “Wolf of Wall Street” met with him to firm up a proposal to shoot  at the CCF  on Feb. 27, weather permitting.
Earlier in the day, he had been in Los Angeles where the L.A. County Board of Supervisors tabled – for the fifth time – a vote on using Taft's CCF.
Whiting said he didn't know at the time if Leonardo DiCaprio, the star of the movie, would be involved.
The chief said scenes would be shot using a remote-controlled helicopter and a boom truck. The production teams needs calm wind to use the remote-controlled helicopter, Whiting said.
During his talks for “Wolf of Wall Street,” Whiting said, the producer expressed interest in possibly using the CCF for other  movies, too.
“He said 'We've got some other movies that need prison scenes shot right away,' ” Whiting said.
The “Wolf of Wall Street” will be the third production in Taft this month.
Shooting has wrapped up locally for “A Girl Walks at Home Alone in the Dark” and for a commercial for the Dodge Viper.