Neighbor, police feared someone might have bee trapped inside

Fire damaged a Taft home Friday morning, killing two family pets.

The fire caused $60,000 damage to the house.

The fire broke out in the 100 block of Franklin Avenue, just north of A Street, at about 11 a.m.

A neighbor, Joshua Dickason, and the owner of a nearby business, Johnny Walker, both ran to the home before firefighters arrived.
They were afraid someone may be trapped inside, with flames and thick black smoke pouring from the rear of the home.

Dickason lives just two doors from the house that caught fire.
He was alerted by the smell of smoke.

Seeing the owners' pickup in front of the home, he was afraid someone was still inside.

" I ran to the door but it was locked, so I kicked it in," Dickason said.

There were no humans inside, but several dogs were saved. However, a cat and dog perished in the fire, according to the Kern County Fire Department

One was overcome by smoke.

"One came out and ran away and we dragged the other one outside," Dickason said.

The owners, Robert and Karen Mitchell, were not at home, but Dickason didn't know that.

He thought Robert still might be inside.

"I was afraid he was in the house."

Taft Police officer Alfonso Gonzalez took over for Dickason but he was driven back by the heat and smoke.

Both Mitchells arrived on scene a short time after firefighters arrived.
There was no word on the cause or the extent of the damage.