No charges filed yet in fatal crash, however

The man arrested after a fatal vehicle accident Sunday night has not been charged in connection with that crash, but he is being held without bail and is due back in court on Friday.
Kern County Jail records show Leobardo Martinez Lopez is being held on a no-bail immigration hold from the United States Border Patrol and two warrants, one from a 2011 drunk driving arrest and a second for a 2010 arrest for driving without a license.
Lopez, 24, pleaded no contest to both charges on Tuesday and is due back in court on Friday for sentencing, according to Kern County Superior Court records.
But he could face even more serious charges for the death of his brother in a crash police say was alcohol related.
Lopez was the driver of a car that slammed into a tree on the west side of Highway 119 just north of east Kern Street, Taft Police said.
The crash killed Lopez bother, police said, although the Kern County Coroner has not yet released the victim's name.
Lopez and another man in the car escaped with minor injuries.