Oxy will provide lunch and Dreyers will provide ice cream after all the work

Taft's next cleanup is going to be held on April 27 and one of the gateways into the community is being targeted.

The cleanup, a cooperative effort involving the City of Taft, Supervisor David Couch's Office, Westside Waste Management and the Chamber of Commerce, will be aimed at cleaning up Wood Street between Highway 33 and Tenth Street.

Tuesday night the Taft City Council approved spending $300 to purchase supplies for the cleanup.

The cleanup will be held from 8 a.m. to noon.

Lunch and refreshments at will be provided at Veterans Park.

Participants will be well taken care of.

Lunch provided by Occidental Petroleum, water provided by Fastenal, soda provided by Albertsons and ice cream provided by Dreyers.