Traffic stop on man on probation leads to arrest on drug, stolen property charges

Kern County sheriff's deputies recovered some stolen loot even before the theft was reported and arrested a man already on probation for possession of stolen property last week.

Deputies made a traffic stop on Alexander Koszalka, 25, on March 30 at about 8:45 a.m.

He was already on probation for a prior burglary conviction and subject to search, Sgt. Martin Downs said.

Deputies searched his backpack and found two syringes they believe were loaded with methamphetamine as well as clear plastic bags containing jewelry plus an iPod and digital camera along with other electronics.

Koszalka was arrested on drug possession charges and the jewelry and other items were seized.

A short time later, deputies received a report of a burglary from the 600 block of Buchanan.
As they investigated, they realized the list of stolen items matched the items seized from Koszalka's backpack.

They showed it to the victim and it was identified as the items stolen.

Koszalka was arraigned on Tuesday and is due back in court on April 11.

He is being held on $75,000 bail on the drug and stolen property charges.