Fist Baptist Church to host performance

This coming Sunday morning, the First Baptist Church of Taft, 220 North Street will host the Kern County Teen Challenge Choir at 10:30. Their inspiring songs and testimonies will inspire you and challenge you to make something more of your life.

Teen Challenge started back in the late 1950’s when a young pastor, David Wilkerson, who recently passed away, decided to do something about teenagers whose lives were going in the wrong direction. That desire turned into a worldwide ministry, not just to teenagers any more, but primarily to young adults.

Teen Challenge has a very successful ministry getting people off of drugs and turning them into valuable members of society. Their success rate runs as high as 85% at only a fraction of the cost of other programs which may see no more than a 30% success rate. The difference is that Teen Challenge helps to get people into a right relationship with God, which taps into his power for transformation and builds their self-esteem on a solid foundation.