Injury accident, theft, man reportedly asks kids for marijuana

9:51 am – Burglary – Auto Incident location was 631 San Emidio St., Taft. Vehicle description: 2008 Blue Ford Focus. Report Taken.
9:53 am – Found Property Report Incident location was Sixth St./Woodrow St., Taft. Report Taken.
10:22 am – Truant from School Officer initiated activity at Creekside Apartments, 420 Finley Dr.. Completed.
12:17 pm – Misc. – Other Services Officer initiated activity at 400 Montview Ave., South Taft. Arrest made.
2:00 pm – Animal Control 209 Sunset Lane, 905 roaming x 2. Animal pickup
2:22 pm – Misc. – Other Service Officer initiated activity at 102 Buchanan St., Ford City. Vehicle description: 2012 Jeep. Completed.
2:43 pm – Burglary – Business/Commerical Male subject stole phone from her store yesterday. They have video of the subject already copied to usb. Incident location was 610 Center St., Monarch Wireless, Taft. Report taken
3:24 pm – 219 North St., wm dark shaggy hair, red skirt w/ 2 susp wearing dark clothing came up to her 11yr old son and 12 yr old friend and asked them for marijuana last seen walking eb in s. alley from Third. Incident location was Third St./Kern St., Taft. Unable to locate.
6:05 pm – Traffic Accident – injury Incident location was Sixth St./Rails to Trails, Taft. Vehicle description: 2010 Kia. Report Taken.
6:44 pm – Misc. – Other Service Officer initiated activity at 213 S. Tenth St., #C., Taft. Property drop off. Completed
6:59 pm – Animal Control 905V- Pit bull almost bit her daughter 905 is in front of her yard. Incident location was 529 North St., Taft. Completed.
7:13 pm – Public Intoxication Officer initiated activity at Oasis, 414 North St., Taft. Arrest made.
7:19 pm – Disturbing the peace 415 Loud subjects/music. Incident location was 305 Irene St., Taft. Completed.
7:55 pm – Suspicious Person Looking in cars, white tank top, jeans, white hat. Incident location was 600 Lucard St., Taft. Unable to locate.
8:02 pm – Suspicious Circumstances Poss 10851 Vehicle blk 2006 Ford Ranger. Incident location was Third St./Kern St., Taft. Unable to locate
11:17 pm – Warrant Arrest. Officer initiated activity at Third St./San Emidio St., Taft. Arrest made.
12:06 am –Patrol Check 500 block Lucard St. Log note only.

Victor Clayton Alsept – Drunk and disorderly, parole hold
Alfredo Hilario Santiago – Misdemeanor warrant