DUI arrest, vandalism


8:59 am – Unlicensed driver Officer initiated activity at 400 Finley Dr., Taft. Vehicle description: 1996 Ford. Arrest made.
1:52 pm – Vandalism –Incident location was 127 Kern St., Artz Liquor & Deli, Taft. No action taken. No report taken until contact with owner.
4:28 pm – Animal Control Incident location was 209 E. Kern St., Taft City Hall, Taft. Completed.
7:10 pm – Assist other Departments Officer initiated activity at Second St./Oak. Assisted.
8:48 pm – Suspicious Circumstances Incident location was 214 Sixth St., Leonard CPA Offices, Taft. Checks OK.
9:07 pm – DUI, no accident Officer initiated activity at Front St./S. Fourth St., Taft. Vehicle description: Volkswagon. Arrest made
9:48 pm – Misc. – Other Service Officer initiated activity at Fred’s Cigarette Store, 1006 Sixth St., Taft. Assist Kern County Sheriff’s Departments. Investigate a possible burglary suspect. Completed.
11:42 pm – Assist other Departments Officer initiated activity at Cedar St./Monroe St., Ford City. Assisted.
12:19 am – Misc. – Extra patrol Incident location was 414 North St. Oasis, Taft. Bar check requested. Checks OK.
12:19 am – Assist other Departments Officer initiated activity at 307 Monroe St., Ford City. Assist Kern County Sheriff’s Departments with family dispute. Assisted.
12:57 am – Disturbing the Peace Subjects causing peace disturbance inside Oasis Bar. Incident location was 414 North St., Oasis, Taft. Completed.
2:37 am – Assist other Departments Incident location was 428 Lucard St., Taft. Cancel Assignment KCSO canceled responsible located.
2:43 am – Noise Disturbance – Non Criminal Barking dog. Incident location was 719 Third St., Taft. Completed.
Anna Lorena Hutchins – Driving under the influence