Police investigate theft from auto, make two arrests


6:04 am – Burglary-Auto 904 Williams Way. Vehicle description: Toyota Pickup. Report Taken.
9:50 am – Vehicle Check Officer initiated activity at 300 San Emidio St., Taft. Vehicle description: 2008 Chevrolet. Checks Ok.
9:55 am - Vehicle Check Officer initiated activity at 100 Woodrow St., Taft. Checks ok.
10:17 am – Suspicious Circumstances Incident location was 1056 Kern St., Taft. Cancel Assignment
10:17 am – Vandalism – Less than $50 Incident location was 110 E. Woodrow St., St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Taft. Log Note Only
11:04 am – Violation Court Orders Officer initiated activity in the 100 block Jefferson St. Ford City. Log note only
11:09 am – Disturbing the Peace 2 males red shirt, motorcycle jacket. Incident location was 100 North St., Taft. Warning
11:18 am – Misc. – Other Service Officer initiated activity at 508 Center St., Taft. Completed.
11:52 am – Found Property Report Officer initiated activity at Taft High School, 701 Seventh St., Taft. Report Taken
12:46 pm – Threatened Offense 701 Report. Incident location was 626 Lucard St., Taft. Unfounded. Extra patrol requested.
1:21 pm – 72 Hour Notice Officer initiated activity at 600 First St., Taft. Notice issued
2:46 pm – Trespassing 511 Woodrow St., 1/2. Warning
4:22 pm – Stolen Vehicle Incident location was 165 Center St., Department of Motor Vehicles, Taft. Unfounded
5:51 pm – Miscellaneous Disturbance Incident location was 1064 Kern St., Allied Cash Advance, Taft. Completed. Juveniles Counseled.
6:47 pm – 911 Hang up Incident location was 614 Center St., Pizza Factory, Taft. Accidental dial. Log note only
7:48 pm – Theft under $50 A petty theft of personal property was reported from the Taft City School District Transportaion officer. Incident location was 820 N. Sixth St., Taft City School Dist., Taft. Report Taken.
8:00 pm – Vandalism – Less than $1,000 406 Lucard St.. Report Taken.
8:38 pm – Trespassing Trespassers were reported at 511 1/2 Woodrow St. A female, is the responsible party for the vacant resident. She advised a new tenant should be moving in this weekend. Until then, nobody has authorization to occupy the residence. Female advised another female has been attempting to “squat” at the residence. Completed.
10:32 pm – 911 Hang up 105 Adams St. Accidental pocket dial. Log note only
12:00 am – Warrant Arrest – Other Agency Officer initiated activity at 108 Center St., Taft. Arrest made
12:35 am – Assist other Departments Officer initiated activity at Cedar St./Jackson St., Ford City. Assisted.
3:14 am – Driving while Suspended/Revoked Officer initiated activity at 1100 Kern St., Taft. Vehicle description: 2001 Black Chevrolet. Arrest Made. Cite released.
3:51 am – Misc. – Extra Patrol Officer initiated activity at Fourth St./Warren St., Taft. On Foot. Completed.
5:08 am – Misc. – Other Service Officer initiated activity at 100 North St., Taft. Completed.

Arrest made:
Olga Perlene Davidson – Burglary
Thomas George Cowan – Outside Agency Warrant