Disturbing the peace, suspicious circumstances, suspicious person

10:10 am – Animal Control Incident location was 305 Gardner Field Rd., Dollar Tree, Taft. Animal pickup
11:21 am – Violation of Court Orders Officer initiated activity at 500 Center St., Taft. Completed
11:42 am – Misc. – Other Service Officer initiated activity at Lincoln Jr. High School, 810 N. Sixth St., Taft. Completed.
2:57 pm – Animal Control Officer initiated activity at Parkview School, 520 A St., Taft. Completed. 905 D picked up.
7:06 pm – Noise Disturbance – Non Criminal Incident location was 305 Irene St., Taft. Completed. Music turned down.
7:21 pm – Disturbing the Peace Incident location was 407 Finley Dr., Hot Stone Pizza-Sub-Grill, Taft. Completed.
9:31 pm – Suspicious Circumstances 1013 Third St., Taft. Checks Ok. 905R in area
12:04 am – Suspicious Circumstances Incident location was 810 N. Sixth St., Lincoln Jr. High School, Taft. Checks ok.
12:25 am – Disturbing the Peace Incident location was 424 Woodrow St., Taft. Completed.
12:49 am – Misc. – Extra Patrol Officer initiated activity at 400 Woodrow St., Taft. On Foot. Completed.
2:31 am – Assist other Departments Officer initiated activity at 202 N. Lincoln St., Ford City. Assisted
2:36 am – Miscellaneous Disturbance 602 Grant Terrace Dr. Completed.
5:28 am – Suspicious Person Incident location was 600 A St., A St. Park, Taft. Completed.