There's even a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms

There's a change in the weather coming, and it will mean significantly cooler temperatures for the first part of next week and even the threat of some precipitation.

An early warm spell has pushed late April and early May temperatures into the 90s, but those temperatures could drop by almost 20 degrees by Tuesday.

A low pressure system will influence the weather starting this weekend.

After a high in the low 90s on Saturday, Sunday's high will be in the lower 80s, then cool into the upper 70s on Monday and mid 70s by Tuesday.

Overnight lows will cool into the mid 50s

Starting Monday there will also be a slight chance of showers and even thunderstorms as subtropical moisture becomes entrained in the low pressure system. The chance of rain is 20 percent Monday, Tuesday and Tuesday night. A warming trend is expected to start at midweek.