It is one of several in unincorporated Taft on the list to be torn down. Supervisors will vote on it next week.

A burned out building at 406 Montview Avenue in South Taft is scheduled to go before the Kern County Board of Supervisors for demolition approval next week.
The Montview Avenue building joins a growing list of demolitions of abandoned and dangerous structures that are a blight on the Taft community: 420 Adams Street, 424 Adams Street, 114 Madison Street, 303 Madison Street, 306 Madison Street, and 430 Montview Avenue, said Mark Salvaggio, and aide to Fourth District Supervisor David Couch.
The Montview building was abandoned and first burned in early February, then the ruins from that fire burned again several weeks ago.
All of the above buildings are approved and slated to be demolished in the near future, as they represent real and ongoing health and public safety problems, Salvaggio said.