Council approves letter opposing bills calling for halt to oilfield production practice

Efforts to halt hydrofracking and impose a tax on oil at the state level have the City of Taft upset, so the Taft City Council  last week approved letters to Sacramento protesting several bills aimed at the oil industry.
A letter to Assemblymember Shannon Grove outlined the city's opposition.
“The bill would potentially increase energy costs, jeopardize jobs and eliminate a source of
future revenues to the state and local governments.”
Hydrofracking is the practice of pumping fluids at high pressure into oil-bearing formations to break up the rock, allowing the oil to be pumped out more more easily.
Environmental groups have opposed the practice, claiming in endangers underground water supplies
The city is also mad at Sacramento because of a proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown to eliminate enterprise zones
The city worked for several years to get an enterprise zone designation, Which allows it to offer tax incentives to businesses in the area to relocate here or grow and has been marketing it extensively.
Brown proposed eliminating the zones to capture more tax revenue.