House on Madison Street is just one of a several structures in Taft area slated for demolition

(Mark Salvaggio, an aide to Fourth District Supervisor David Couch, sent out this email Tuesday afternoon to inform everyone that another condemned structure in the Taft area has been torn down.)

"Dear Taft Friends:

Your Supervisor David Couch wanted you to know that 303 Madison now sleeps with the fishes. It was demolished in our efforts to rid your community of dangerous and unsafe structures that pose public health and safety problems.

Please know that we are "pushing" to get 420 Adams, 424 Adams, 114 Madison, 306 Madison, and 406 Montview demolished in the near future. We are faced with red tape and bureaucracy at almost every turn. But Supervisor Couch is fighting for you. Our Code Compliance Officers are overworked and on a constant treadmill of cases. They are doing the best they can.

Please do not give up on us."