“This family has proved that it can endure tough times and burdensome regulations," state senator says

SACRAMENTO – State Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) honored the Snedden Ranch as the Small Business of the Year at the annual California Small Business Day. Richard and his wife, Susie, attended today's ceremony at the Sacramento Convention Center. The California Small Business Association holds the annual event to recognize small businesses from legislative districts across the state.

"Agriculture is such an important part of the California economy and the cattle industry is a critical part of that. Richard, Susie and the rest of their family are part of a rich history of ranchers and small business operators that have called this state home for generations," said Senator Fuller. "This family has proved that it can endure tough times and burdensome regulations, an accomplishment that deserves recognition."

"We appreciate the fact that Senator Fuller and others take the time to recognize ranchers and small businesses – and the challenges we face in this economy," said Richard Snedden.

"It is an honor to be recognized by Senator Fuller. This brings needed attention to the agricultural and cattle industries, showing others that what we do as a family-owned and operated ranch is a viable part of this state's economy," said Susie Snedden.

In 1867, Samuel and Anna Snedden started their venture in cattle ranching.

In 1907, Samuel's son Bertram and his family moved the cattle operation to rangeland south of Maricopa. Today, Richard and Susie Snedden, along with their son Austin and wife Sarah, and their three eager ranch hands (Ryah, Rainey, and Sonora) continue to operate their working cattle ranch in the Santiago Creek country in southwestern Kern County.

Notable facts:

The cattle industry generated $2.83 billion to the California economy in 2011, ranking it the fourth largest commodity in sales.

There are approximately 3.6 million small businesses in California.