It's the latest in a series of abatements with more to come

Efforts to repair or remove blighted structures on the Westside continue. The next target, or domino, to fall, may be the biggest yet: abandoned apartments in the cul-de-sac on the 300 block of Madison.

Kern County Supervisor David Couch's staff said Tuesday that they have confirmation from a contractor that an empty, boarded up two-story apartment at 306 madison is scheduled to be torn down starting on Monday

Couch and his staff have been leading the efforts to tear down eyesores in the unincorporated areas of Taft, and Salvaggio has been sending out regular updates.

Here are the latest:

Monday, Salvaggio sent out this update to people on the West Side:

"After a long delay PG&E is shutting off the gas, it looks like, knock on wood, that this Victory Square eyesore will be demolished (next) Monday. PG&E is supposed to be out there to shut the gas off today and tomorrow. Because of this delay, we are going to have to issue a new Warrant.

This is a 2-story dangerous and unsafe structure, a real blight on the Ford City landscape.

Thank you for your patience!"

This came in at 11:46 a.m. Tuesday:

"As I write you, please know 114 Madison is in the process of being demolished. This house has been deemed a dangerous and unsafe structure and is a blight and eyesore on the neighborhood in Ford City.

We hope to demolish 424 Adams Street In Ford City and 406 Montview Avenue in South Taft in the very near future. Our wonderful Code Compliance Officer, Dee Benson, is working hard to make this happen for us. As you may recall, 406 Montview Avenue is one of the homes identified as a high priority demolition by the Greater Taft Economic Development Authority."

Taft City Councilman Dave Noerr then weighed in with an email of his own, in response to the progress being made:

"Can I please hear an AMEN! To go against the long- standing however terribly wrong grain takes guts, commitment and fortitude. This is a very rare, formidable and long overdo combination that the westside has hungered for , deserves and now has. We will all benefit greatly from this energy. My many thanks to Supervisor Couch and his Super Staff!"

Mayor Paul Linder added this:

"Thank you for the update and the good work. As Dave Noerr said, you have taken on the SLUMLORDS in this area and sent a message this will no longer be tolerated. Many thanks to Supervisor David Couch and his staff. You make us all proud."