Presley Golling, Carson Rodart and Cooper Golling each win three races

Led by three swimmers the Taft Tigersharks swim team found success on the road Saturday when they competed in Shafter.

Carson Rodart, Presley Golling and Cooper Golling each won three races.

Rodart won his in the six year old boys 25-yard backstroke and 25-yard freestyle. His third victory was in the mixed 100-yard team relay.

Meanwhile, Presley Golling's wins came in the 10-year old boys 100-yard freestyle, the 50-yard backstroke and the 50-yard freestyle.

Cooper Golling was first in the six year old boys 50-yard freestyle, the 25-yard butterfly and joined Rodart in the victory in the mixed 100-yard relay.

Samuel Barnes joined the list of multi winners by finishing first in the 13-year old boys 100-yard freestyle and the 50-yard freestyle.

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