The survey is to find out how best to provide service in Taft

Taft residents are invited to share their opinions regarding the City of Taft’s public transit service via a community survey currently underway.

The survey is available online ( and in a link on the city website (

The survey was also sent as a mailer to more than 500 Taft households.

Ridership on the City’s transit service has fluctuated considerably across the past five years.  To gain greater insight as to the mobility needs of the Taft community, as well as resident perceptions regarding Taft Transit the City obtained a grant from Caltrans to conduct a Community Mobility Outreach and Improvement Program.  The goal of the project is two-fold.  First, to determine if the current transit service is structured effectively to meet the mobility needs of the community.  Second, to determine the most effective means of promoting the transit service to the community.

In addition to the online and household surveys, project representatives will attend a variety of community events including the Farmers Market on June 24.  The survey is available in both English and Spanish. 

To round out its market research, the City has also contacted 60 community organizations to solicit input regarding the project.

For further information regarding the project contact Christy Lowe at 763-1350 (ext 34).