DEA, police sieze $2 million, plus 100 lbs. of "spice"

Federal and local law enforcement officers raided smoke shops, homes and a warehouse in Kern County on Wednesday as they served search warrants in connection with investigations into ongoing sales of so-called “spice” and “bath salts.”

Officers seized more than 100 pounds of spice and seized $2 million, according to the Bakersfield Californian.

No stores in Taft were involved in the raids at least not yet, but Carl Beckett, the Drug Enforcement Special Agent in charge of the DEA's Bakersfield office had warned in late May that smoke shops in Taft were also being targeted and could expect action.

“We are going to come visit them soon,” Beckett said on May 29 in a specific reference to two Taft smoke shops.

Wednesday's raids were conducted in connection with a months-long investigation into the sales of the substances involving minors.

Police from Bakersfield and Shafter joined DEA agents in the raids.