Defense said defendant was bullied. Oliver allegedly had 30 people on list at one time, according to testimony.

The first public testimony about what led up to the shooting of a Taft Union High School student by a classmate on Jan. 10 raised, for the first time in public, the issues of bullying and an alleged hit list compiled by alleged shooter Bryan Oliver.

A preliminary hearing for Oliver was held on Tuesday in Kern County Superior Court and Oliver was ordered to stand trial on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

During testimony at the hearing, a Kern County District Attorney's investigator said he was told that at one point Oliver had compiled a hit list of 30 students, according to the Bakersfield Californian.

The investigator, Herman Caldas, testified that he interviewed a student who told him that he had talked Oliver into eliminating all but two names from the list – Bowe Cleveland and Jacob Nichols, the Californian said.

Cleveland, 16, was shot and critically wounded. Nichols was in the classroom and allegedly targeted by Oliver but not shot.

Campus Supervisor Kim Fields was one of three adults credited with talking Oliver into surrendering the .12-gauge shotgun he allegedly shot Cleveland with.

Kern County sheriff's deputy Ryan Wahl testified that Fields told him that Oliver said he "had had enough" of being bullied, according to the Californian.

Paul Cadman is the Kern County public defender representing Oliver, who has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Cadman said Oliver was the target of constant bullying.

Oliver is being held on $1.5 million and is scheduled to be back in court for an arraignment on July 31.

He is being charged as an adult despite his age.

Oliver is accused of taking the shotgun from his home across the street from the school and walking into Ryan Heber's second floor classroom where the shooting took place.

Oliver was arrested without incident after Fields, Heber and campus supervisor Mary Miller intervened.

The campus was placed on lockdown for several hours while Taft Police, backed by more than 100 law enforcement officers, searched and secured the entire campus.

The school has hired counselors to continue to work with staff and students for the next year.