If successful, curbs and sidewalks would be put in on Rose, South streets near elementary school.

Efforts are continuing to obtain funding to build curbs and sidewalks on streets near Conley School.

Taft's oldest school is located at the south end of Rose Street at the southern edge of South Taft, an area with no curbs, sidewalks or streetlights.

There have been attempts in the past to get funding through the Safe Routes to Schools funding program and now Kern County Supervisor David Couch is seeking money through a different program, the Transportation Development Act.

More than a year ago, then-supervisor Ray Watson wrote a letter of support for an effort by the Kern County Roads Department to get the funding.

Now, Couch, who took office n January, is asking the county to try through the TDA program.

The request seeks the funding to add curbs and sidewalks on both the north and south side of South Street in front of Conley as well as on the west side of Rose Street from South Street to Wood Street.