Contract awarded for removal of ruins at 406 Montview

The end is near for another burned out house in South Taft.

Kern County awarded a bid for demolition of the ruins of a home at 406 Montview this week.

A 24-hour notice of abatement was posted there on Tuesday and the firm that has the contract to do the demolition is getting the permits and arranging for removal of power lines and other utilities, according to an email from Kern County Supervisor David Couch's office.
The structure has been burned twice this year, part of an outbreak of suspicious fires in South Taft.

Demolition of another major eyesore, a now-abandoned two-story apartment on the 400 block of Adams Street in the old Victory Square area.

The structure was declared unsafe earlier this year by code inspectors and has been targeted for demolition.

Now, just some issues involving an asbestos survey are all that stand in the way of demolishing that structure.