KCFD finds woman who became stranded in remote area south of Cerro Noroeste Road

Kern County firefighters used a helicopter to hoist a strnded hiker from a remote area near Mt. Pinos Sunday afternoon.

The hiker, a 41-year-old woman whose name and hometown was not released, became ill while hiking in the area of Quatal Canyon Road in the area of Toad Springs just south of Cerro Noreste Road.

The woman was hiking alone when she began to feel ill, possibly from the heat, Kern County Fire Department spokesman Sean Collins said.

She was able to call for assistance on a cell phone, and dispatchers from the Kern County Emergency Communications Center remained in contact with her while a search began.

KCFD's Helicopter 408 was dispatched to the area and started searching by air while dispatchers remained in communication with her.

She was finally able to signal her location to the helicopter by waving a red jacket.

She was in a a very remote and rugged area, so the the helicopter performed a hoist rescue, lifting her to the helicopter which then flew her to the Kern County Fire Station in Pine Mountain Club.

She was evaluated by paramedics and recovered quickly, declining any further treatment or transport to a hospital, Collins said.

Collins said this is a to remind people who recreate in the outdoors that a handheld GPS will identify your exact location should you become lost or require medical assistance. Those coordinates will enable emergency responders to assist in a timely manner and can save a life, he said.