Quarter-mile stretch of road covered up to 3 feet deep

The California Highway Patrol has closed Highway 33 in the Cuyama Valley because of flash flooding.

The roadway was closed just before 3 p.m. with a reported three feet of mud covering the road.

The road is closed between Highway 33 and Lockwood Valley Road, according to the CHP's website.

The CHP is reporting that about one-quarter mile of road is covered with mud and debris up to three feet thick in an area about a half-mile south of Apache Canyon

The trouble started early in the afternoon when thunderstorms started dropping heavy rains in the higher terrain to the east of Highway 33.
By 1:42 p.m., the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the area and said flooding on Highway 33 was imminent.

A few minutes later, at 1:53 p.m, the California Highway patrol started receiving reports of a motorhome stranded in the roadway by the flooding with rocks and water covering the roadway.

The motorhome was pulled out of the mess, according to the CHP.

Some motorcyclists apparently tried to ride through the mess.

Some fell over, according to the CHP.

More storms are sill forming in the mountains, and there is a 20 percent chance of showers or storms in the Taft area through 11 p.m. tonight.