Suspect called deputies from stolen phone to report he was "tripping out" and people were chasing him.

A man arrested on robbery charges after he allegedly ripped a cell phone from a woman's hand was released on time served today.
Luis Diaz was arrested on Feb. 21 after he called 911 on the woman's cell phone to report that people were chasing him according to reports filed at the time.
When contacted by deputies, he said he had been smoking spice and told deputies he was "tripping out."
About the same time that Diaz called deputies, the victim called from several blocks away to report that she had been accosted by a man who first demanded her phone and then took it from her by force.
Diaz, 23, pleaded no contest in June to one count of grand theft from a person and a charge of strong-armed robbery was dismissed.
He was sentenced on Tuesday to 305 days in jail, then released after being given credit for 153 days time served and 152 days good time.
He was also fined $360.