Never get frustrated changing plugs again

If youíve ever changed spark plugs, you know how frustrating it is when the socket wonít release from the spark plug socket and instead pops off of the extension and stays behind in a hard-to-reach spark-plug well. To prevent this problem, Club member Vic Strauch of Citrus Heights, California, modifies his spark-plug sockets. He first drills a 9/64-in. hole perpendicular to one of the faces of the socketís drive shank. He then uses a No. 8-32 tap to thread the hole (see inset) and installs a matching set screw. When he snaps the socket onto an extension, he simply tightens the set screw to prevent the socket from popping off. This tip works great for low-torque spark plug sockets, but you shouldnít modify any regular-use sockets this way because the drilled hole could cause the socket to crack as higher torque is applied. Brought to you by: American Profile - Inspirational Stories & American History