Suspect was in Sandy Creek, admitted to "partying"

 Kern County Sheriff's deputies arrested a registered sex offender who was nude except for the ankle monitor he was required to wear as a condition of his release last week.

They suspect the man was under the influence of drugs, possibly spice.

Deputies and Taft Police were dispatched to the area of Sandy Creek and Airport Road just before 7 a.m. on Aug. 6 to a report of a nude man acting suspiciously.

Sgt. Martin Downs said they located the suspect, hiding in the brush in Sandy Creek.

“They found him in the creek under some tumbleweeds, completely naked except for his ankle monitor.”

Downs said the suspect, Christopher Casteel, 54, told officers and deputies several different stories, including one that he was the victim of an armed robbery.

“He gave a number of different versions of events and why he was naked and what he was doing,” Downs said.

None of the stories checked out.

Downs said it was clear to the deputies that Casteel was under the influence of something.
Finally, Downs said, Casteel “said he was partying and didn't know what happened.”

Casteel was booked for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

He is also being held on a no-bail hold for violating his parole, according to the Kern County Sheriff's website.