Apartment on Adams wasn't only demolition in Taft last week

 While the demolition of the two-story apartment building in Ford City drew all the attention, crews also took care of another Taft eyesore last week.

The burned remnants of several structures on Montview Avenue in South Taft were torn down and hauled away by Gilliam and Sons, leaving only a clean vacant lot.

The house and wood frame tin-clad garage at 406 Montview were first burned on Feb. 12.

A subsequent fire, late on the night of April 12, destroyed much of what was left.

Only the front of the house was left with a pile of burned wood and tin and some dead trees and shrubs filling the lot.

These fires were part of an outbreak of suspicious fires in the same neighborhood earlier this year. Several homes, mostly abandoned, have burned, and nearly all have been labeled suspicious by the Kern County Fire Department.

The county, led by Fourth District Supervisor David Couch, has been demolishing homes in the same area, some of which were damaged in earlier fires.