Young Taft boy recovering from severe injuries in Los Angeles

There is a fundraising effort underway to help accident victim Nick Mansell and his family

The 12-year-old boy was severely injured in a motorcycle accident Monday and is currently undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

A website,, has been established to allow people to donate online.

Nicks suffered the traumatic amputation of his left leg and multiple fractures in a motorcycle accident that took the life of his father, Robert, Monday morning in Taft.

He has already undergone several surgeries and more are going to be needed.

Despite the severe injuries, he has responded to doctors and family members.

"The little guy is a fighter! We are so proud of him!" said his cousin, Shana Lewis Sanders.

After a rough night Tuesday, where he developed a fever and a drop in blood pressure that triggered fears of internal bleeding, the young boy has stabilized

Sanders, forwarded this message from Nick's sister to the taft Midway Driller on Thursday.

"He's doing really good. They repaired his leg and hip last night. Went very well. Blood pressure is good. No major blood loss. He will open his eyes briefly when you talk to him. Moves his fingers and toes. They may fix his jaw and arms this afternoon and evening. Doctors all very happy and impressed with his progress. Thanks to all for prayers. They have done wonders."

Nick is breathing on his own, according to family members, and a chest tube has been removed.

He has already had surgery to repair the damage to his leg, broken arms and hip area, and more are expected.
Doctors are going to hold off on surgery to allow the boy to rest and continue top heal, then work on a broken jaw.