Jessy James Miller pleads no contest to assault with a deadly weapon

 The Maricopa teen arrested on attempted murder charges for attacking a man with a shovel entered a no contest plea to assault with a deadly weapons charge Thursday in Lamont.

Jessy James Miller was sentenced to six months in jail but should be out by late November with credit for time served and good time, according to the Kern County Sheriff's website.

Miller, 19, was arrested on August 29 by Kern County Sheriff's deputies.

In a press release, the sheriff's office said Miller and another man, Christopher Taylor, 21, got in an argument.

At one point, Miller began choking Miller, the news release said, before Taylor broke free.

Miller then picked up a shovel and struck Taylor in the back, then threw the shovel at Taylor as the victim fled.
Miller then followed Taylor in a car, but Taylor was able to elude Miller, the Sheriff said.