L.A. Times reporting two supervisors want board to vote on 5-year contract with city

Two Los Angeles County Supervisors are asking to a have a proposed contract that would ship inmates to Taft's CCF brought to the board, apparently to discuss a 5-year contract that would bring as many as $500 inmates to the city's empty Community Correctional Facility and pay the city $11.3 million annually.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that supervisors Michael Antonovich and Don Knabe requested staff bring back the proposed contract in two weeks.

L.A. County and the city reached a tentative agreement for the contact in august 2012 and the Taft City Council called a special meeting to ratify it.

But the L.A. County Supervisors tabled the contract again and again to the point where the city started looking elsewhere for inmates to house in the CCF.

Los Angeles County, like the state, is under a court order to reduce overcrowding in its jails.

The county has released 23,000 in inmates early this year, according to an analysis by the Times, the paper is reporting in its website.
Taft's CCF has been empty since November 2011 when the state removed its inmates when AB109 went into effect.

In recent weeks, Taft has been pinning its hopes on getting inmates from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as the state negotiates with a federal court to find ways to meet a deadline to get 10,000 more inmates out of the state prison system by the end of the year.