Tanker overturns early Wednesday just west of Old River Road

If you're planning to go to Bakersfield on Wednesday and use the back roads across South Lake Road to Old River Road, you better pick another route.
Millux Road is going to be closed for at least several hours after an asphalt tanker overturned and spilled its load on the roadway just west of Old River Road.

Millux runs west off Old River Road and into Hill Road, which connects with South Lake Road.
The accident occurred at 7 a.m..
The driver was not injured, according to the California Highway Patrol's website.

Firefighters and the CHP said the tanker was carrying 4600 gallons of asphalt in a set of doubles and both tanks ruptured, resulting in a major spill.

The CHP, Kern County Fire Department and the Kern County Department of Environmental Health are all on the scene.

There is no estimate on when the roadway will be reopened.