Now Dave Thomas would just like one of his namesake signs back

Dave's lost his "Way" and wants it back.
Dave Thomas, who ran the recently demolished 1-C gas plant for many years has his memories as head operator but he wants the street sign bearing his name.
It was stolen – twice.
One day while Thomas, who lives in Maricopa with his wife Donna, was at his post directing a variety of petroleum products into pipelines and trucks, the access road that took Thomas, other plant employees and thousands of tanker trucks to the plant from Lincoln Street needed a name.
He jokingly said, "Well, why not name it after me?"
The folks responsible for naming the road took him up on the idea and "Dave's Way" became a reality.
"I thought it was neat that they wanted to name the road after me," he said.
So a green sign was made and placed atop a steel pipe at the entrance to 1-C.
"The sign was slipped into a frame on the post," he said.
It was a source of pride every day when he made that turn onto "Dave's Way."
"One night somebody slipped the sign out of the frame and took it," he said.
So they made another one, and this time it was welded to the frame.
Problem solved, right?
Not exactly.
It was swiped again.
"The second time they used a pipe cutter and just cut the whole thing off – the sign and the frame," Dave said.
He'd like his sign back, just for old time's sake, and has a suggestion.
"Could you put something in the paper, and maybe whoever took it will feel sorry for me and give it back. I know some guy named Dave – probably two guys named Dave – have my signs. I'd sure like to have one of them back."
So either one of the Daves who really didn't have a street named after them is encouraged to return "Dave's Way" -- no questions asked.
Just drop it off at the Midway Driller, 800 Center Street or call 763-3171.