Bond paid for $6 million complex

The Maricopa Unified School District officially christened its new gymnasium and swimming pool Saturday and did it with a splash.

After the traditional ribbon cutting, District Superintendent Scott Meier was thrown into the pool by students to open an afternoon of free community swimming.

The new 15,000 square foot gym-pool complex was funded by a $6 million bond passed by voters in the district 9 years ago.

"Our new gym and pool are symbols of what is right with Maricopa," Meier said just before the ribbon cutting. "It takes everyone working together to get what is needed for our school and our community."

School Board President Rene Adamo led the effort to pass the bond that funded the new facility, and Meier thanked her for calling every voter in the district to urge them to support the bond.

The gym has features a spacious lobby at the entrance, snack bar and a large gym area that will host physical education classes and interscholastic basketball and volleyball.

For P.E. classes, it has room for six basketball or three volleyball courts. Roll-out bleachers are expected to be delivered soon.

Meier led a group on a quick tour of the gym facility, then went to the pool where he was pushed into the rather chilly water by students.

It wasn't just a big day for the school.

Maricopa Mayor Virgil Bell echoed Meier's comments about the community.

"The city is looking at good things, too," Bell said.

The city was notified last month that it was going to get a $1.5 million grant to upgrade its sewer system and wastewater treatment plant and is looking at park grants for other projects.

"Maricopa's going to be one helluva place to live," Bell said.