Former Taftian's images includes prize winner of museum fire truck

West Kern Oil Museum this month is featuring photography of former Taft resident Herb Spencer whose work has received recognition in local, regional, and international competitions.

The exhibit in the Buena Vista Room of the main museum is a varied collection of prints, including Spencer's impressions of the local oil industry.

Spencer first developed his interest in photography as a student and yearbook photographer at Taft Union High School and Taft College.

His interest in the medium began with 35mm color slides and black and white wet darkroom prints and evolved into digital images processed on a computer.

Included in the exhibit are images from "time-then-and-now" as well as prints of varied pictorial subjects.

They include "Door Handle," which was named Best of Show at the Kern County Fair. Museum visitors may recognize it as the door handle on the fire truck on display at the museum.

Spencer is a member of numerous photographic organizations in Central and Northern California.