Students, faculty asked to park off campus

Parking spots are always in demand at Taft College, but this week the West Kern Petroleum Summit is going to take up a major portion of the on-campus parking areas.

In fact, it started Wednesday morning when the parking lot closest to the administration and student services building was closed when crews started to erect a large tent.

Students and faculty are being asked to park a little further away from the campus than usual.

The summit will be held in the parking area beween the administration building, library and tech arts building. There will be a large main tent, several smaller tents and portable restrooms.

In addition, a section of the parking area to the north is being set aside for the conference participants and attendees.

Students and staff are being advised to park in the east end of the main parking lot near the softball field, on the far north edge of the lot along the entry way from the Taylor Street bridge, in the Kern County Library Parking lot and along Wildcat Way,

Informational emails have been sent to faculty and staff advising them of the situation.

The summit is going to make it difficult for students taking classes in the tech arts building and arrangements are underway to either relocate the classes or make other arrangements.