Cesar Chavez scores 21 points in final quarter to win game

The Taft varsity football team along with their coaches and fans were in shock Friday night but it had nothing to do with a great play or a sense of relief. Instead it was from Cesar Chavez storming back in the fourth quarter to edge out the Wildcats 27-26 in Delano.

Taft made the first move of the game late in the first quarter with a 39 yard touchdown run with 4:33 remaining. The Wildcats followed up with a two-point conversion to lead 8-0. Nearly three minutes later Taft doubled their lead with a 34 yard touchdown run with 1:48 to go before running for the two point conversion.

The Wildcats had another chance to score a touchdown in the second quarter but had to settle for a field goal with 5:32 remaining.

Cesar Chavez started to make their comeback late in the first half with a 14-yard pass play for a touchdown with 50 seconds left. However, the two-point conversion was no good.

Taft extended their lead at the 6:57 mark of the third quarter with a touchdown pass.

The downfall for Taft started 12 seconds into the final quarter when they fumbled a punt return with Cesar Chavez recovering the ball. The Titans would got on to score a touchdown. Cesar Chavez struck again a little over three minutes later to trail by six. It looked as if Taft would survive thanks to an interception but they could not get a first down.

Thanks to a botched play, Cesar Chavez got the ball back deep in Taft territory with 1:18 to go in the game. On the first play Cesar Chavez scored the game tying touchdown. Combined with the extra point, Cesar Chavez pulled out the victory.

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