TUHS superintendent sends email, students sign poster

Taft Union High School is reaching out to a school in Nevada after an on-campus shooting there left two people dead.

It's been a little over nine months since a shooting in the science building critically injured one student and left another in jail facing attempted murder charges, so the people at Taft High know all to well what it means to have violence erupt on campus.

Monday, a 13-year old student at Spark, Nev. Middle School opened fire on campus, wounding two students and killing a popular teacher.

For one administrator, the second shooting also hits close to home, Buena Vista High School Principal Carolyn Wilson told the District's Board of Trustees Monday night that she received a text about the shooting, telling her that her nephew Trevor was on campus – not as a student but a first responder.

"I sent him a text – 'Trevor, you just joined a club no one wants to wants to join.'"

Taft Union High School Superintendent Blanca Cavazos sent an email Monday to the superintendent of the Sparks school district offering her support and assistance.
Cavazos also sent an email out to the TUHS district and staff with contact information for Sparks if they, too, wanted to reach out.

"Given all that the students and staff at TUHS have gone through at TUHS and the outpouring of support that was received from far and wide, I am giving you the Sparks Middle School staff directory in case you or your students want to reach out to colleagues and peers who are going through a very difficult experience,' Cavazos said in her email. "Because of what you have gone through, your words of encouragement and support will have a lot of meaning for them."

by Tuesday, TUHS students were already "paying it forward."

when they returned to classes several days after the Jan. 12 shooting that critically injured Bowe Cleveland, they were greeted with messages of encouragement on posters sent in from schools in Kern County.

Tuesday at noon in the quad they signed a poster to be sent to Sparks as a show of support.

The Sparks shooting left a popular teacher and the alleged shooter dead and two other students recovering from gunshot wounds