Officers write 9 tickets Friday morning and will be back again next week

Taft Police launched a traffic enforcement operation Friday morning aimed at unsafe driving around schools.

Chief of Police Ed Whiting and two patrol officers went to work just after 7 a.m. targeting the area centered around Fourth Street, Sixth Street and Wildcat Way.

They made numerous traffic stops, wrote nine citations and towed and impounded one car.

The driver of that car had no valid license and a passenger's license was suspended.

Whiting said the enforcement is in response to complaints from parents and school officials.

Because it involves the safety of school children, Whiting said, officers will be writing more citations instead of warnings.

"We're going to be writing a lot of tickets today so you're not getting a warning," Whiting said as the enforcement started. "We're going to be issuing a lot of tickets because it's around schools and children."

Roosevelt school Lincoln Junior High School, Taft Union High School and Taft College are all located in a two block radius, and each school day there are hundred of cars and several thousand students on the streets, sidewalks and crosswalks before and after school

Speeders and people driving through stop signs are the main culprits, he said.

Officers will be back next week to continue crackdown.