Wold Changers and National Honor Society bring out the best in students in school and in life

Two new clubs at TUHS will inspire students to do their best in their education and create a brighter future.
The National Honor Society and World Changers are revised by Caroline Schoneweis and John Kopp, respectively.
The National Honors Society was established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
The NASSP's main goal was to recognize outstanding high school students that have impacted their community through their Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character
"The club welcomes any student that has accomplished great things in their lives, but the club is mostly for seniors because they will benefit more from," explained Schoneweis. 
Students interested in NHS have to complete a membership application that will be reviewed by a five-teacher committee.
The application consists of the grades they have received throughout their time in high school, the extra-curricular activities, and other school information.
By the end of the student's senior year, they will be eligible to apply for scholarships from companies that have sponsored the scholarships.
"Being able to wear a significant cord at graduatib ton and having a special seal on my diploma will be an honor for my family and me," explained senior Leslie Tacza.
While the National Honors Society requires an application, the World Changers club welcomes anyone who is committed to broadening their horizons. The club's mission is to encourage Taft High students to develop their character, leadership, service, and excellence.
While building their character, the students will learn to do the right things for the right reasons. They will also learn and practice leadership skills that they will be able to use when they're participating in services. They will be able to participate in community service opportunities sponsored by TUHS service clubs. They will be trained and encouraged to pursue excellence in every area of their life.

"There's more than a simple test score, we need to help students be amazing human beings!" explained Kopp. The club will meet up weekly or bi-weekly.
Activities will include service projects, listening to guest speakers, taking field trips and joining other clubs to serve the school and community.

 "I can't wait to see what this new club has to offer students because Mr. Kopp is such a great motivator," explained senior Cristina Diaz. "He makes me want to pursue my dreams in a more determined way!"
The National Honors Society and the World Changers will open new doors for many TUHS students. Not only college-wise, but also in the working world through the development of the student's character from their experiences in these clubs. They may have just started, but as time goes on, these two are likely to become valued extra-curricular activities.