Couch keeps clean-up projects on the front burner

Mark Salvaggio, aide to Fourth District supervisor David Couch, sent out his update on demolitions and blight removal on the Westside:

Your Supervisor David Couch would like you to know about some of our near-future blight removal projects.
On 10/29, 318 Madison Street in Victory Square in Ford City will be brought to the Board of Supervisors for a vote for the demolition of this old, uninhabited apartment complex.  201 Naylor Avenue in South Taft will also be up for demolition consideration.
On 10/22, the Board will take action to abate the old, abandoned convalescent hospital at 111 W. Ash Street in Ford City.
On November 5, we will finally have demolition hearings on 23316 Cloud Avenue and 24863 Highway 33 in Derby Acres.  On November 12, 23314 Cloud Avenue will also come before the Board of Supervisors for Clean-Up.
On November 12, the Board of Supervisors will have a hearing to consider the demolition of 410 Fillmore Street in Ford City.
We are working hard to remove as many unsafe structures to help improve the quality of life on the West Side.  These eyesores represent public safety and health problems as well as having a negative impact on property values.
Since, January, when David took office, we have done 8 demolitions in unincorporated Taft and several Broad/Clean-ups.  We will keep at it for you!