Suspects allegedly took furniture and fixtures

Four people have been charged with theft of furniture and fixtures from a South Taft house following a lengthy investigation.

The suspects, two men and two women, are all Taft residents and face burglary, theft and possession of stolen property charges.

They were identified as Cecil Taylor, 51, Margaret Taylor, 52, Tammie Chatman, 43, and Richard Ashford, 40.

Kern County Sheriff's Sr. Deputy Stephen Wells said the investigation began as a suspicious circumstances call in mid October.
Byt the end of the month, a relative of the homeowner had contacted deputies to report the theft of numerous items from inside the home and a stolen vehicle that was stored outside.

Deputies were told that neighbors had seen four people going in and and out of the residence.
Deputy Joe Malley did the follow up, Wells said, and that led to the identification of the four suspects.

The stolen vehicle was recovered, Wells said, as well as "a good portion" of the items taken from the house.

Three of the four suspects are being held in jail.

Chatman, Ashford and Margaret Taylor are are being held at Lerdo.

They are all charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and petty theft.

They were arraigned on Monday in Kern County Superior Court in Lamont and preliminary hearings are scheduled for Dec. 20.

Cecil Taylor is  free on bail  and scheduled to appear in court for his arraignment on Dec. 19.