Both were arested after numerous items, including Christmas tree, were taken from Taft Heights home

Two Taft woman received jail terms for no contest pleas related to the burglary of a Taft Heights home.

Numerous items ere taken, the Kern County Sheriff's office said. But only an artificial Christmas tree and lights were recovered.

Lauri Lynn Cramer, 52, and Victoria Watts, 48, both entered no contest pleas to possession of stolen property on Tuesday in Kern County Superior Court and both women were sentenced to 120 days in jail (with credit for eight days served), placed on 3 years probation and fined $288 each, according to the court website

The victim, who lives on the 600 block of B Street, called deputies after being way from a couple of days to report she had returned home and found numerous items missing.

Sgt. Martin Downs said the theft was reported on Dec. 6 and the theft took place between Dec. 3 ad Dec. 5.

deputies started investigating and received multiple reports of two women and a man seen entering and living the house several times.

Further investigation led them to the home just a block away when tCramer and Watts lived.
Cramer was on probation and subject to search.
Deputies were able only to recover the artificial Christmas tree, downs said, and numerous other items, including furniture, crystal goblets and other items have not been found.
The male suspect has not been identified either, Downs said.