Siskiyou County readers with a penchant for browsing local libraries have access to some new technology that will further facilitate branch services, according to county librarian Michael Perry.
Perry said in an interview Thursday that a recent grant from the Shasta Regional Community Foundation made possible the purchase of at least one new computer for each operating branch in Siskiyou County, updating the technology that often serves as a hub for citizens without Internet access at home.
The computers, which are recent-model Dells equipped with Windows 7, are hoped to last four to five years, Perry said.
In addition, Perry said that the library is still providing tech-saavy readers with e-books or other compatible devices the opportunity to “check out” electronic books for free from the library, an activity he said typically increases around Christmas.
In other news, the flooding from the burst pipe at the Butte Valley Library in Dorris still has the branch shut down, but the city has begun to put out bids to get it up and running again.
Perry explained that while there was extensive damage, the limited time frame of the flooding has made it possible to preserve most of the works that were kept at the branch. He added that a date for reopening is not yet known.
For other communities, Perry encourages members of the public to visit their local library branches to view the weekly addition to the system’s books, DVDs and other media, a situation in stark contrast to the dire straits the libraries faced approximately three years ago.
“Through the use of different resources we are trying to meet the needs of communities,” Perry said.