Review board announces decision on shooting of Taft woman by deputy

The Dec. 29 shooting of a Taft woman by a Kern County Sheriff's deputy was within policy, a Kern County Sheriff's shooting review panel has ruled.

The panel was convened to look into the fatal shooting of Bethany Lytle, 31 on Dec. 29.

Lytle was shot and fatally injured by Kern County Sheriff's deputy Johnny Frisbie.

As is policy in officer involved shooting, Frisbie was placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting was reviewed.

The Sheriff's Office said Frisbie was dispatched to the home on the 800 block of Fillmore Street to check the condition of a woman.

After deputies arrived, the KCSO said, Lytle armed herself with a 10-inch long dagger, refused demands to drop it and was shot after a taser was ineffective.