Taft racers do well in two days of racing at Honolulu Hills Raceway

The racing season kicked off this weekend at Honolulu Hills Raceway with the opening round of the 2014 WORCS Series.

Motorcycles,  ATVs and side-by-sides  all took their turns going up and down over the terrain at HHR.

Local riders did well again, with pro riders Nicole Madsen taking second and Bobby Bonds placing fourth. Bonds led for a large part of the race and seemed to be on his way to a win but a flat tire knocked him back to fourth place.

 Taft had its strongest showing in the 450 B race where Kyle Crabb took first place and Garrett Melton took fourth.

The other Taft win came from Alexis Mead in the  70-production ATV race.

Haley Walrath, the 20113 WORCS women's B ATV champion, moved up to the A division and placed second in her first race. Susan Baxter took third in the women's B ATV race.

Honolulu Hills co-owner Darrin Layton placed second in the  men's 50-plus A division. His son, Jack, took third in the mini open B divisioin

Despite the extremely dry winter, the track crew was able to keep the dust to a minimum.

Co-owner Darrell Melton said Randy Griffith of RTI helped out with water trucks to spray the course.