Taft College students get a motivational talk

Motivational Speaker Kim Fields spoke to students in the Cougar Room at Taft College this week. His main focus on the seminar was to inform students that they can and need to take control of their own lives. In order for an individual to take control of their own lives they must control their integrity, as well as their attitude.

Controlling ones attitude includes controlling the books one reads, the music that is being listened to, as well as the people that one surrounds themselves with.

Fields helped the audience realize what influence and control they have over their own lives by discussing the loss of his own daughter. His daughter passed away in 2009.

The main cause of her death was the fact that she was not wearing her seat belt.

He discussed how important the choices in each individual’s life are; choosing to wear a seat belt is one of them.

“Wear your seat belt,” Fields stated, “You all have someone at home counting on you to make it home to them.”

Continuing with his subject matter, Fields discussed that ‘one must take time to think about things in their lives in order to control the outcome of one’s life. One must take time to think about every word one says, every thought one thinks, and every action one takes. Each of these will determine the attitude of one’s self, as well as the person inside that one will become.’ Fields hopes that from this seminar, people will take what he said and put it to good use.

He hopes for greatness for every person he encounters.

“Life is all about choices,” he told the students. “No matter what, you can succeed.”