Police investigate accidents, missing juvenile returns home

9:35 Animal Control 140210005
Occurred on Lucard St, Taft. I impounded a female tan and white Pit Bull, then transported to shelter. . Disposition: Animal Pickup.

1:19 Hit and Run w/prop Damage, no injury 140210008
Occurred at Sixth St/Supply Rw, Taft. Whi car fled the area after hitting a maroon minivan. . Disposition: Cancel Assignment.

1:24 Traffic Stop 140210009
Officer initiated activity at S. Fourth St/Front St, Taft. . Disposition: Warning (Verbal/Written).

2:38 Vandalism - Less than $1,000 140210011
Occurred at City Hall on E. Kern St. , Taft. (Hundred block.) section of bark was scraped off the tree requesting a report for insurance to fix it. . Disposition: Report Taken.

2:52 Welfare Check - Misc. 140210012
Occurred at College Community Service on Fourth St. , Taft. Disposition: Completed.

2:54 Animal Control 140210013
Occurred on Seventh St, Taft. I impounded a female brown and white Aussie/Beagle mix with blue eyes, then transported to shelter. . Disposition: Animal Pickup.

3:30 Follow Up Investigation 140210014
Officer initiated activity at E. Lucard St, Taft. Follow up to notice to comply for animal waste. . Disposition: Completed.

3:34 Missing Juvenile 140210016
Occurred on San Emidio St, Taft. Juvenile had returned home. No further. . Disposition: Unfounded.

3:39 Traffic Accident - Private Property 140210017
Occurred at Taft College on Emmons Park Dr. , Taft. on north side of parking lot both standnig by. . Disposition: Report Taken.

5:32 Theft under $50 140210018
Occurred on Warren St, Taft. Sm dirtbike was taken sometime last night no paper work on dirtbike other than gas motorcycle no make or model. . Disposition: Completed.

6:16 Assist other Departments 140210019
Officer initiated activity at Montview Av, South Taft. . Disposition: Outside Assist.

6:58 Assist other Departments 140210020
Officer initiated activity at Philippine St, Taft Heights. . Disposition: Assisted.

7:15 Assist other Departments 140210021
Officer initiated activity at Naylor Av, South Taft. . Disposition: Assisted.

7:27 Suspicious Circumstances 140210022
Occurred on Kern St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

7:52 Traffic Stop 140210023
Officer initiated activity at Seventh St/Kern St, Taft. . Disposition: Warning (Verbal/Written).

8:43 Assist other Departments 140210025
Officer initiated activity at Roosevelt Pl, South Taft.(Hundred block.). . Disposition: Assisted.

8:49 False Alarms 140210026
Occurred at Taft High School on Seventh St. , Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.

9:12 Pedestrian Check 140210027
Officer initiated activity at Sixth St, Taft.(Hundred block.). . Disposition: Completed.

9:21 Traffic Stop 140210028
Officer initiated activity at Polk St/Date St, Ford City. . Disposition: Completed.

11:05 False Alarms 140210029
Occurred at Taco De Mexico on Kern St. , Taft. Rear motion, no r/p. . Disposition: Completed.

12:08 Assist other Departments 140211001
Officer initiated activity at Philippine St, Taft Heights. . Disposition: Assisted.