Searchers on horseback found Billy Lewis Tuesday morning

Two members of the Kern County Sheriff's Search and Rescue teams mounted posse found the man missing in the hills south of Maricopa since Friday.

The man, Billy Lewis, 63, was conscious and able to communicate with his rescuers, but one of them described him as “delirious.”

He was located at 9:17 a.m. Tuesday

He was considered a high-risk missing person because he had several medical conditions that required medication.

Rescuers said the temperate weather the last few days played a role in his survival.

“I'm really really happy we found him alive,” said Lt. Tim Posey.

He was found about a half-miles west of the small house trailer he lived in just off Golden Cat Road.

Lewis was last seen Friday afternoon. Kern County Sheriff's deputies started searching about 24 hours later and the search has been continuing since them.

A helicopter was used Saturday and Sunday and the search team was working on the ground in off-road vehicles, dirt bikes and on horseback.

Over the weekend, deputies searching from the air saw mountain lions in the area, deputies said.

Lewis was found in a steep ravine just below the Nestle Purina mine and manufacturing plantby search tema members Kerry Savee riding Pistol and Daymon Banning on Gembo.

Lewis was placed in a litter and carried to a dirt road on a ridge line above the ravine, then taken in the back of a truck back down to Golden Cat Road and transferred to a waiting ambulance.